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"Wally!" I scream, feeling the thick yellow substance sinking deeper into my hair and burning my nose. He gives me a cheesy grin, rubbing the back of his head guiltily.
"Sorry Jinxie, but the mustard wouldn't come out," The young flash says.
Now you're probably wondering what's going on, I suppose I'll tell you. My name is Jinx, and I am a former villain. I say former because I was convinced by the biggest idiot in the world that I was worth something. So I left the hive five and with nowhere else to go he offered me a place to live in his apartment in Star City, just far enough away from my old town, a fresh start. It's been a month and things had finally become less awkward between us, except Wally, who told me his name as soon as we began living together, still flirts with me all of the time. He decided today we would celebrate our one month of living together anniversary with a picnic at Starks Park just outside of the business district in Star City. But of course my boyfriend has to have a love for mustard that at times I think could rival Starfire's. But the mustard refused to come out of the jar so with his super speed he decided to turn the bottle so much that the cap flung off of the mustard jar and soaked me in the yellow substance, which I happen to hate.   
"Sorry isn't getting this disgusting crap out of my hair," I grown, feeling my pink eyes begin to burn.
"I'll clean everything up, you go take a shower, I'll have the sandwiches all done when you get out," He gives me a large grin and disappears for a millisecond before coming back with two towels.
"I swear to god if this stains my new shirt I will murder you," I storm out of the room and head for the bathroom, making sure some of it falls on the carpet.
The bathroom door I slam shut, and then I release a sigh before stripping out of my mustard covered apparel. I run my new lilac shirt under the water, watching the yellow slowly disappear, well at least it's safe. I turn on the water, groaning as I run a hand through my hair and see it covered in yellow, I almost gag at the sight. I absolutely hate mustard, more that I hate anything in the world, besides Wally at the moment. I step into the warm water and flick on the shower, hissing as the steam hits my back. I run my fingers through my hair, loving how nice it is to wear it down. To be honest I really only wore my hair in the pointy horns because it looked intimidating, but when i greeted Wally my second morning here with my hair down and wavy he gave me the largest smile and said you look lovely with your hair down. It's those simply moments I love, when he isn't being a complete hyper super hero and just a normal laid back guy who, don't tell him, I kind of like. I would never admit this out loud of course, He probably has a whole list of damsels in distress he would rather be with, he would rather be with a Mary or a Sue rather than a Jinx. I run shampoo through my hair twice, making sure none of the yellow remains and then a hit it with a little conditioner before I feel like I am done. I turn off the shower and ring out my hair, I pick up the first towel and wrap up my hair, before I grab the second towel and wrap it around my small body. Another thing he probably would not like about me, my lithe frame and gray skin, I look like a zombie with bubblegum hair. I had no chest to brag about and I was a former villain who most of the Titans still did not trust enough to call a team mate. I walk out of the bathroom, turning on the fan afterwards before I shut the door behind me. I walk quietly to my room, which used to be Wally's game and computer room. He cleaned it out quickly as soon as I agreed to move in with him, and moved it all across town to a storage unit he had bought. I've been sleeping on the futon but I do not mind, its more than I deserve. Not only that but he bought be a dresser and a drawing table, so that I could keep working on my art. I made him a super special dinner when he got me that. I dry off and dress in a pair of black shorts and then search around the right top to wear since the one I wanted had to be cleaned, stupid jerk. I finally decide on a navy blue top with no sleeves and a purple cardigan to cover it. I towel dry my hair and brush it out, finally ready to go back out to Wally. I walk out of my room and walk back into the kitchen, all of the sandwiches are made and are sitting on the counter next to a plate of cookies, and sitting in the middle of the island is a box of my favorite chocolates and a single red rose. I frown and look down at the top of the box is a note that reads:
Dear Jinx,
Sorry for getting mustard in your hair                                                                                                                                                                         I am really sorry, I got called away on a                                                                                                                    quick job,  if I'm not back by one take                                                                                                                       the stuff to the park and I'll meet you                                                                                                                     under the tree where we got ice-cream                                                                                                                   last week, I'll miss you,
Love Wally
P.S. I didn't put mustard on the sandwiches.

I smile lightly at the note and look up at the clock, it's only twelve thirty so I decide to take my box of chocolates and watch a little TV. I flip to the news and see if they are covering anything new, but nothing is on. I start flipping channels, popping one of my chocolates into my mouth, savoring the caramel twist at the end. By the time one rolls around Wally isn't back, nothing is on the news and it is pouring rain outside. I frown and watch as thunder and lightning begin to crack across the sky. I gasp and fall back at the sudden noise, and then the house goes dark as the power goes out, just great. I put the sandwiches in the fridge before going to look for some candles. I find some in the broom closet and grab a lighter from my room and begin lighting them. I put two on the coffee table and three on the island in the kitchen. I contemplate getting a book from my room but I decide not to, since I don't want to strain my eyes. The sky darkens more and as two a clock rolls around I become more worried about Wally. I begin to pace between the kitchen and the living room, biting at my chipping black nail polish. I consider going out looking for him, but with his super speed he would probably come home to find me gone. Then we would spend the whole evening looking for each other and get into a huge argument. I honestly don't want to fight with him, I just want us to sit down and enjoy a nice meal. Three o clock rolls around and I am starting to panic, I look at the door for about five minutes.
"Screw it," I growl walking the coat closet.
I search through the layers and find Wally's yellow rain coat, I pull it on and walk to the door, slipping on a pair of boots before stepping outside. I am greeted by rain and wind whipping at my fast and a blast of thunder, making my heart race in my chest. I hate thunder, but I am so worried, I close the door behind me and begin walking down the steps, I make it to the ground level of the apartment complex and decide to check the park first. The walk takes a little but I make it soon, I walk around, finding it hard to see in the horrible weather. I find the tree where we were supposed to meet and to my chagrin I find Wally lying face down with large bloody cuts on his back. I bite my lip trying to hold back the cry of frustration. Stupid Wally, couldn't even fucking try and get home he had to come to the park. I drop down to my knees and shake him lightly.
"Wally," I whisper lightly, shaking a little harder, "Wally wake up." He doesn't react and I shake even harder, his skin is cold to the touch, I put my hand over his mouth and he is barely breathing, "You stupid idiot!" I cry putting my head in my hands I have no phone and no money what the hell should I do?
"What did I do?" I hear a faint whisper say, I look down and see Wally looking up at me confused, "Where are the sandwiches, and why am I all wet?"
"You stupid bastard you worry me half to death lying in this fucking park for two hours and you ask me for a fucking sandwich!" I scream, punching him on his wounds.
"Ow Jinxie I'm sorry, I thought I'd come here and wait for you and I passed out," He says sheepishly, sitting up.
"You should have just come home," I say a little quieter, hoping that the rain will obscure my tears. He notices of course, and wipes them away with his gloved hand.
"I'm sorry, lets go home and I'll make it up to you." He whispers.
"Oh really how?" I ask.
"A sandwich?" I punch him in the arm and we make our way home, his arm around my shoulder while I support him.
We ended up eating our sandwiches on the floor in the middle of the living room with blankets keeping Wally from shivering, he would probably have a cold for a week, but we were happy, especially when the power finally came back on at Eleven at night. It was a good day, and surprisingly, a great sandwich.
My first submission for Flinx week, sorry i couldn't turn it in Yesterday, i had to go to bed, but i will be on time for the Second part.
I will be making this like a short series of Flinx for the week so this is part one, with the theme of Sandwich, stay tuned for part two.
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Wally you're so stupid but you're so cute!
waaaa I've died of worry too

Nice work!
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Thank you
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love reading your flinx stories, thanks for doing it!! :w00t:
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IT was entirely my pleasure, i cannot wait for the rest of the themes.
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