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March 22, 2011
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The next morning I went to wake up Wally so we could go out for breakfast, and he would not wake up. At first I thought he was joking like he usually did, so I shook him hard, I even shook his bed and banged a pan over him, but he did not stir. I never did get a good look at his wounds last night, maybe he downplayed his injuries. I began to panic and looked around for a first aid kit, I needed to heal him, or at least look more closely at his wounds. I found it hidden under the sink, white with a big red cross on the front; I rushed back to his room and pulled off his shirt, gasping at what I saw. His wounds were large and yellow, the scabs infected, I almost threw up. I thought of calling Raven, but it would take her awhile to get here, so I decided an ambulance would be better. The lady on the phone was patient with me, somehow between dialing in the numbers and running back to Wally's side I began to cry hysterically. When I finally was off the phone I finally worked up the nerve to feel if Wally's pulse was still beating. I touched his neck, his skin cold and I almost started to hyperventilate. I felt blips of life against my fingers and if I were not afraid of hurting him I would have flung my arms around his body with relief. The ambulance arrived a few minutes later, and we were carted away. The doctors are crowding around him, babbling about infection and eating at his flesh. I curl myself into a corner and just watch with wide eyes. I should call the Titans and tell them about what happened, and if I could I would call Wally's relatives, but I can't. I have no phone, I gave up having one when I entered Wally's house because I wanted things to work between us. I wanted him to trust me, and know I would not try to hurt him. But obviously he got hurt, and I was not there to help him. He didn't want to take me on Hero missions yet, he wanted us to train more, teach me how to fight clean. And I was getting the hang of it, but he went easy on me, which I knew from experience with villains, I being one would not work. And it seems Wally underestimated his opponent yesterday, otherwise he would not be in this mess.
"Miss, are you coming," I had not noticed that they had already carted Wally out and were leading him inside; I nodded and bolted out, keeping up with the moving contraption.
An oxygen mask had been placed on his face; he had scratches on his front too. Long yellowing scars pulsing and damaging his perfect chest. I followed as far as the ER, and then I was left in the hall staring at the door with nowhere to go. I looked at the tacky line of hospital chairs and picked out a bright yellow one, it reminded me of Wally's costume.  I curled up, my pink unicorn pajama pants looked out of place, and I pulled my black bathrobe around my chest, covering my slightly revealing tank top. I didn't get dressed; I didn't want to leave Wally alone. I close my eyes, letting my messy hair fall into my face; I should have looked more closely at his wounds last night. We should have healed them instead of eating sandwiches in the dark. A part of me thinks it's my fault, because I was so upset with him, he always wants to make me happy. But I wonder, what is it that makes Wally happy? He likes it when I make breakfast, that's one I suppose. He likes it when I, a blush cross's my face, when I lean my head on his shoulder. I always hear his heart speed up just a little, and it makes me smile. But that doesn't mean he likes me, I'm just under his care because he doesn't want me to be a villain.
"Miss?" I turn up and see a young doctor in scrubs with blood stains on them, I bite my lip.
"Is he ok?" I ask, standing up.
"He is doing a lot better, he had a toxin in his body from the scars, it probably looked like normal scratches the day before and it got worse over night when the toxin started to enter his blood stream. We removed the toxin, but we need to keep him for a few nights, he still hasn't woken up yet but you are welcome to see him." I nod eagerly.
The doctor leads me down a hallway and into a room ten doors down the corridor. Inside I see Wally, looking paler than I have ever seen him. He is attached to a heart monitor, the blips at a steady rhythm, slower than usual. I walk timidly into the room, shaking lightly, my purple slippers making no sound as I cross the room and find myself at his side. I feel tears start to pour from my eyes again; I reach my hand out and place it on top of his, its cold. I bit my lip, it finally splits under the force, of suck on it a little, and sit down in the chair beside Wally's bed. I keep my hand poised over his, I want him to open his eyes and laugh as if he has pulled me into some twisted prank. I go to bite my lip again, my nervous tendency, but it's already bleeding again, I lick away the blood. I wish I was more reliable. I wish I wasn't such a jinx. I wish that I could heal him when he got injured, instead of sitting at his bed side while others did it for me. Some sorceress I am, I can't even heal a little cut or a bleeding lip. I wonder if Raven could teach me some healing spells, she is good with her powers. A lot better than I am at least. I decide to call her about it later, when I don't have to worry about Wally being sick, or dying. I lean my head against the bed, curling so that my head is resting on the crook of my arm and my hand is still on top of his. I watch his face, tracing every detail from his disheveled red hair, to the freckles sprinkled across the bridge of his nose, to his lips, set in a straight line. That's what disturbed me most, because even when he slept Wally always seemed to have a smile on his face, no matter how small. My tears have stopped finally and I am left with an itchy face and a sore lip. My eyes become heavier, as I watch Wally hoping for some sign of awakening but none appears on his face. I want him to heal; I want him to open his eyes, because I can feel mine begin to close against my will. My eyes finally shut, the last thoughts whizzing through my mind are Wally's smile, and then I fall asleep.
Day two of flinx week with my part two up and ready for reading, it is short but i had minimum time to write it and i promise the next part will be longer. So i hope you like these dramatic part two and stay tuned for part three.
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RachelLevitte Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww I loved it. Oh wallace, why you, such an...Ahhh big idiot, why don't you say you feel bad when you do? Poor Jinxy D:
Poor both of them D:
I loved how it was written I hope I'll read more
I'll have part three up soon and as soon as i get Day four's theme i'll have that put up too!
RachelLevitte Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
lol, of course.
I'm late with my drawings 'cause my photoshop need to be fixed and i'm gonna do that today D:
Good luck, i'm sure it will be wonderful.
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